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G7 music group



Timo painted for a few years as a perfect autodidact, it has carried out many small pockets for discs of the artists most various and painted per emotional periods (night paintings – it is at the time of insomnia that it started to paint – paintings in love – in periods of love – disturbed paintings – during separation etc) Never it could not settle in front of the rest and to say itself I will paint such thing, such portrait, such character but, on order it carried out figurative portraits, to generally please friends.

He admires Amalia Rodrigues with whom he has some times sympathized, he made a portrait semi figurative semi abstract, Fernando Pessoa, similar, his painting inspired by his love for his country of heart, Portugal is also strongly present in his achievements.

A series of fabrics on the cities, Brussels, Barcelona, Jerusalem, Avignon, Lisbon has much success during its rare exhibitions.

The musical characters are present also like some scenes of its love life.

Timo is not easily classable, it likes the colors, one needs that those burst and are based the ones in the others, the artist should not be justified, it must be let go to do what he likes, without calculations nor ambitions, one likes where not, each one his rights, thus could be defined Timo, elementary abstraction and generosity in the colors and the matter.